Are Backlinks Still Important for Ranking on Google?

In past times, link building was one of many ultimate cornerstones of search engine optimization. It was possible to obtain a site to position well for almost any keyword using nothing more than a great link building strategy. Eventually, however, the search engines caught on and started penalizing websites which had a lot of low-quality links pointing at them or that had been using strategies to manipulate the quantity of incoming links that they had. In many cases, these internet sites were permanently pulled from the search engine results overnight, leaving the web page owners scrambling to figure out ways to change their lost income.

backlinks and rankings

After those devastating Google search algorithm updates had happened, people were understandably wary about using any link building techniques. The question remains, does building links still matter when you are thinking about using a Phoenix SEO service?

The short fact is yes, building links to your web page remains to be an important part of having it to position well in search engines like Yahoo and Bing. There is certainly, however, a caveat to this statement. You can’t build just any kind of link to your web page. Low-quality links can, in fact, wind up doing more damage than good. Instead, you need to focus on finding links from high authority websites in your niche.

Another challenge is the fact these need to be one-way links as an alternative to reciprocal links. Because of this, you can’t simply offer to          exchange links with another site owner. Instead, you will need to find a way to get them to backlink to your website without you linking back to their website in return. As possible well imagine, this may be rather challenging because most people aren’t open to the notion of just randomly linking to other sites on the web.

There are, however, some ways that you could overcome this challenge. For example, writing a guest post for the blog could be a good option. For those who have excellent writing skills and will write a post that is relevant to a particular website’s audience, it is possible to reach out to the internet site owner to see if they would like anyone to write an article for visitors in exchange for a link back to your website from the article. In many instances, they are more than pleased to agree simply because it saves them the irritation of being forced to write a post and provides high-quality content for their visitors.

In simple terms, link-building has gone from as being an automatic process of only posting links to directories, link farms, or website directories to your more personal method that requires anyone to build relationships with site owners. Even if this process is time-consuming, providing you are likely to put in the time and energy which it needs, it can produce excellent results. The good thing is that most other site owners usually are not ready to devote this effort to their internet marketing updates. That means that it is simple to outrank them within the Google search results with just a bit of extra work on the end.

When you see it like that, it is easy to observe that link-building still does matter for SEO.

How to Find Fast and Affordable Garage Door Repair in Arizona

Garage doors are difficult regarding the regular work that has to be completed. You are not going to like the idea of trying to get it done by yourself vs. having to call someone to your home. This is the reason you will need to make sure you are choosing people who have been working at this out for a long time and can complete the job like Garage Door Repair Chandler AZ. Let’s look into what you are likely to get with professionals who are experienced and proficient at their business. They are the benefits that you will enjoy.


The pace from which they will job is always important simply because you will not have enough time to waste. You will need to bring in individuals who are quick on the feet and will certainly recognize how you can treat the trouble at hand immediately.

Chandler garage door being repaired

They are not going to delay the deadlines or consistently fidget regarding whatever they are likely to do as a way to repair the garage door. This is always vital when you are discovering the right fit. The most effective contractors are the one that cares about both you and your needs.

Understand the Ins and Outs Of Garage Doors

It is one thing to repair garage doors and another to know what you are doing every step of the way. First reason or other, there are individuals who are not even sure as to what options to choose and that is what holds them back. Always make sure you are going ahead and try to contact a local company with highly trained technicians. If you don’t do this, you are going to pay a big toll, and that is certainly not a good situation to remain by any means?

They are the benefits you will get having a proven garage door repair service and all sorts of that this brings to the table. There is absolutely no reason to complement an alternative that may be not likely to conduct a good work for you. These are the worst plus they are going to hurt the chances of you having the capability to see good results by and large. Always contact the very best since they are going to understand what exactly you need and exactly how long it will take also. They are the best professionals in the Chandler, Arizona area and their online reviews on a site like Yelp should prove that.

The World Wide Web Optimization Process

The entire process of optimizing a website is talking about constructing and arranging the website so it can be highly ranked in the various search engines and social sites. An SEO specialist like Solar Flare Marketing can help you with this detailed process.

The social media segment of this definition just recently come about due to the explosion of exposure that is certainly available through this medium as well as its effectiveness to new potential customers.

Google search methodology has changed the planet regarding people having the capability to have accessibility to information. With only the click of any mouse a person can obtain information on pretty much any subject imaginable, and when your site is well optimized, you will be found by people looking for the information that you must offer, thus, it will help you greatly in selling and offering what your products or services can do on their behalf.

It is important that your website is organized and easy to navigate, for if many people have difficulty finding what they are looking for on your site, they will quickly click you off and go somewhere else.

Make certain and get quick and simple steps, telling people where to start next and extremely visible as well as simple paths to allow them to follow. Stay away from the flashy graphics which takes up a lot of memory, thus slowing the pace of your operation of the website. Individuals are no more surprised by each of the glitz because they are mainly after information.

If the content of your website is such that a whole explanation of what you are offering is evident, and that people do get a generous volume of knowledge associated with their search, you will then be successful when they read your details.

A great keyword search will enable you to range from the keywords people are while using most to discover information. You can then build your website around those keywords and phrases, and you will probably begin to rank higher in the search engines.

Social networking should be handled by constructing a following through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar venues. For an example, take a look at the Solar Flare Marketing MySpace profile. Social media allows for that interaction that could point to your website, along with the word will spread which you have what folks desire when it comes to a service or product that will solve problems or offer desirable products.

The phenomenon of viral interest through social media is an excellent event that can spread like wildfire among others who see your goods or services with the postings of individuals that also are pumped up about what your website provides.

Things To Be Aware Of When Training Your Pet Dog in Phoenix

Dogs are man’s best friends. However, they can be a real challenge for their owners if they have never had the proper training. So, if you wish to avoid problems that can be a result of your pet, it is essential to make the pet undergo proper training which is something they can even get while at a facility that handles Phoenix AZ dog boarding. In this post, we will look into some of the most significant things you should know about training your dog. However, take into account that these are just some of those things we feel that you ought to know.

1. When it comes to puppy obedience training, repetition is an essential principle. The same as us, dogs learn by doing things time and time again.

2. When training your furry friend, make your sessions short and sweet. Will not walk a pet dog for more than half an hour and train it for around once daily although not a lot more than three sessions.

3. Be patient when training your dog. Losing your temper when training your puppy only makes things worse.

4. When training your dog, your ultimate goal in each session should be to make results just a bit much better than the previous sessions. Therefore, you must aim to make things better, but gradually.

5. Utilizing the dog for walks is very important as it develops serotonin which gives your dog feelings of well-being.

6. Exercise is another significant element of training your dog process as it works well for eliminating dog’s nervous energy.

7. When training your puppy, never hit it. I have come across those who claim that they never hit their pets but rather roll up a magazine and swat them on the nose. Well, hear it from me, hitting is hitting, and it makes the training process more of an inconvenience.

8. Ensure you always give the family pet a lot of praise during the training period. This is the pet’s paycheck for performing a good job.

9. After every workout, make certain you make a move that your particular pet will like. As an illustration, you could rub its belly bring it for any walk. This makes the pet enjoy the next session.

Phoenix puppy boarding

These are the stuff that is very important for a successful dog training. While I conclude this post, I hope that these points give you something to take into account when training your furry friend. Spare serious amounts of time to train your pet every day and you will both reap the benefits.

The Summit School Of Ahwatukee – A Phoenix Private School

Ahwatukee Foothills PictureThe Summit School of Ahwatukee is an independent, private school that is located in Ahwatukee, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

The ages of children that the school accepts range from two and a half to age 13. The scholastic grades run from preschool through the eighth grade. In 2015, the enrollment of children in the school numbered 360 students.

Recognized on a very consistent basis as one of Arizona’s top middle schools, Summit’s graduates have enjoyed very high scholastic success. Over the past 6 years 99% of the Summit graduates have been accepted into each high school to which they had applied to. 85% to 90% of these students are accepted in and thrive for high school honors and gifted classes.

Summit School has a very ambitious and successful overall strategic plan, where an environment has been created for students to be able to successfully attain academic excellence, while at the same time have diversity and individual achievement recognized. As a result, the outcomes have been of a very high quality in both areas, and the reputation has been recognized for its strong academic results while helping to build very desirable personal strengths too.

The school takes great interest in the students relationships to one another and to the faculty and staff of the school. By having meetings every day with the students before they begin their academic day, Summit School of Ahwatukee – preschool students gave a relationship that is nurtured and strengthened on a daily basis. Also, Summit is NAEYC accredited, which few schools in the area can claim.

The school prides itself on having fewer computers than most schools as it is felt that more effort needs to be made in teaching the students how to think, rather than have computers “do it all” in place of thinking things through.

It has been discovered that the students do their best work when they learn by doing and seeing the problems that is being solved. They also discover the dynamic of working with others in their problem solving efforts, which helps them to develop their skills in critical thinking and problem solving.

The middle school years for any student can be very challenging, but when the emphasis is on the equipping the students with great academic and social skills to over come many of these problems, they can go on and excel in any high school and college.

These are the reasons that the Summit School of Ahwatukee has developed such a superior reputation as a top school in the area, and why it will continue to hold that distinctive honor. For more information, please visit

4 Easy Video Marketing Tips to Generate New Customers


There are many video marketing tips out there. Some work very well and some don’t work that well at all. However, the following tips should help you get started.

1. Use Numerous Social Media Websites – When it comes to video marketing, you should use various social media sites to publish your videos on. All too often people use 1-2 sites, and that is it. If you plan on publishing a video, then you should post it on 3-5 social media websites like Facebook  Twitter etc. to get as much exposure as possible.

2. Make Videos Short And Straight To The Point – When you create videos, then create ones that are short and straight to the point. Many people prefer to view videos that are short. You should be able to create a great video that is only 3-5 minutes in length. People’s attention span just isn’t very long these days and if your video is too long it will either never get viewed or your potential customer just won’t make it to the end.

3. Use Keywords In The Description – After you have created your video, you will want to write a description for it. However, you will want to use a few keywords throughout the description. Doing this may help you generate more traffic to your videos. Don’t keyword stuff, just sprinkle them in where you can.

4. Create Videos That Solve Problems – When it comes to video marketing, one of the best things you can do is create videos that solve problems. If you create videos that solve problems, and that grab viewers’ attentions, then there is a good chance that your videos will generate quite a bit of traffic. Figure out problems people in your niche experience and try to make videos that contain content that help solve those problems.

The above four tips should help you out and get you started. If you need help with your video marketing, you can contact an online marketing company like Solar Flare Marketing to help get you on the right track. If you are serious about video marketing, then keep them in mind and implement them as soon as possible. The sooner you implement those tips, the sooner you could increase your chances of becoming successful with video marketing, so start implementing some of those tips today and get your videos out there.